Wednesday, 25 February 2015

ISS - Getting there

So there is clearly some stuff that's not quite working in this image and its not just the materials. So I adjusted the camera position, rotation and laptop position I wanted to create a strong Baroque diagonal and realised that the laptop is almost sitting where I needed it to. After adusting the laptop now sits nicely in the focal area and the rotation of the laptop creates a nice flow around the image . I feel the image is working compositionally much better now (still think things need some adjusting though) and with the latest pass of materials its improving but still lots of work.

Problem areas:
  • Mag-Lite torch and handle creates a nasty coincidence
  • Velcro material
  • Glass needs some spec/gloss work (just flat values at the moment)
  • The sunlight coming through the window doesn't light the scene as well as before
  • Local reflections are a bit blurry and weird
  • Yellow tape on the tubes at the front needs to be focused on
  • Need some depth of field again
  • More clutter needed!

Update: After some feedback from EarthQuake on polycount and Rich and Kai from Creative Assembly I worked into it last night but not much changed making a new post seemed unnecessary. The electrical tape needs some detailing and work getting some crinkles in the normal.

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