Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FMP - Building System

So Elliott has got the modular building system working and as timetabled this week was set aside for constructing the first pass of meshes in the environment. The system is great for blocking areas out so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how it helps with making areas pretty, I put this together in an afternoon, clearly there is much to do and will be getting more of that verticality into the scene (nothing has final materials or final meshes on at the moment which is why I'm only showing one colour image). Here it is:

Lighting is going to be really key, the weather I want to achieve is having just cleared up from raining quite hard so its not just grey but it doesn't feel nice, hot and sunny.

I realise I haven't talked about the pipes yet... So when I was in Berlin a couple of years ago I was fascinated by the pipes that cover the city and when I went back to Berlin after my internship I was reminded of the really interersting shape and feel they give the city. It kind of felt like the city was showing its insides, I love it, its full of character. It also seemed to fit beautifully into the city I was designing and if done well I could make the city behind the breakwater feel like its really imposing itself onto the slums, and disregarding the old town that everything has been built on top of. it feels like tendrils of the city's influence over the slums coming through the city towards the water. whether its waste water or taking in water is unimportant right now. I really like the idea that these pipes have become part of the landscape and the slum buildings are built over or around the pipes.

I'm much happier with this layout and direction. I have been struggling recently with the artistic value in the project and now that I've finished working out all the technical stuff with how to make tilesets fit together in the blueprint I can just crack on and make things pretty and focus on the technicality of getting meshes textured to a standard I know I'm capable of...

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