Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Alison Kinnard

Whilst at the Edinburgh Fringe I came across a little gallery up a tiny staircase off the Royal Mile; Alison Kinnard's glass work is what I found. She uses wheel etching and sandblasting to create sketch like drawings on glass which are then illuminated from one edge to make the etching stand out. This strikingly simple use of drawing colour and light is absolutely stunning.

Unknown by Alison Kinnard
The light creates a much more vibrant and powerful feeling to an already thought provoking and hard-hitting piece.  The different levels of brightness and etching create a sense of flickering, the medium of the piece adds to the message of fragility and danger.

Maze by Alison Kinnard
This has a great deal of movement but the most stricking thing to me is the figure being white while the surround is stunningly bright colours. the back ground is a hand painted textile banner which makes the colours seem more vibrant.

Adam by Alison Kinnard

Eve by Alison Kinnard

I really like the way these work and I'm putting thought into creating some nice effects from using emissive textures and bright colours...