Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FMP - Inspiration

So although this isn't my main FMP blog I realise that I haven't been on the ball in terms of documentation recently and so the analysis, feedback and direction have not been very well explained or displayed. Lets get back on track!

First things first as with my previous FMP post I really want to make sure the  previous history of the city is clear. Make the viewer understand that the citizens of the city have built their lives as they can, the breakwater and the city behind have been imposed on an existing place which has built up using the resources available in a standard British town.

A quick paint over of the redesigned whitebox I worked out last week.
The man issue with this to me is that the slums don't feel right as slums. and the overpopulation isn't described and that is the prime thing that slums tell you, overpopulation. It doesn't feel like these people have been push up against the break water because of rising seas. So I went back to the reference, back to the inspiration to try and get the idea of slum living across. Kowloon city is obviously the first thing to look at to get this element across. The history of the city reflects an influx of people into a tiny area of land if you're interested there is an awesome video on the history of Kowloon

  • Verticality, verticality will be key. The level had some verticality because of the surrounding cliffs breakwater and skyscrapers but it wasn't in the construction of the slum. If there isn't much space where do people build? Up.
  • Cables, Power and Food these things are going to be vital to getting a sense that people actually live in this place. This is something that Mike Kelly brought up and looking at the new whitebox layout the buildings submerged further towards the sea it would make sense that these people need to get food somehow, it is a sea side town after all so fishing nets, fishing rods, buoys and even boats will make the city feel like a real place.
  • Mobility and movment the people living here need to have someway of getting about and as the sea wouldn't be too deep in these places and scaffolding is incredibly abundant in towns in the UK making walkways out of scaffolding made some sense. Further more the buildings submurged in the sea having slumstyle buildings built over the top of the building hanging off the edge made senese as well. Some variation in the heights of these will be important.

And Finally I cannot deny the inpsiration I've drawn from Killzone Shadow Fall, unfortunately the more I look at the game the more I can see similarities between their world and mine. I only played it recently after I had the solid idea of what the city would look like and well look at this and you'll understand the realisation that what I wanted to make had already been made
I have now decided to put all of my reference photos in a folder on drive so that I can show them on here, and I'm going to start doing shorter posts with just some stuff I've seen with my camera that will influence the project. In the meantime here's some photogrammetry I did and want to use for the project.

High Poly                                              Low Poly (150tris)

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