Friday, 3 July 2015

WIP TechPriestess

Wanted to paint and have been wanting to make Thanquol's helm (Ref) so thought I'd take some inspiration from that helm and this photo of someone awesome at Amphi Festival (Ref). As I started to think about what to do I thought maybe a wasteland-y vibe would be cool and Degenesis has a really cool post apocalyptic world that I thought would be kind of good as an idea starting point (Ref).

So a found item Priestess Headdress with a little LCD screen and crushed bottles as horns which glow from LEDs in the base of the headdress. I'm still working on the painting and especially the back section of the headdress but have started to test out some of the gif stuff I wanted to play with.

Cant decide between heart and DoomGuy