Wednesday, 26 November 2014


This was my desk for at least 5 hours yesterday.

Yesterday I spent over 10 hours on trains. The day before I spent 4 hours on trains and 8 hours walking with a massive backpack. Its been cool but haven't got as much drawing and stuff done as I wanted to, so going to try and fix that in the next couple of days.

Paris was... Paris, kinda interesting, quite a nice atmosphere but didn't really grab me, didn't think it would. Then trains happened while I continued working on insect ships but also doodled.

Doodle of an Autumn Beast (song by Parov Stelar)
Lucian and I were thinking about Combichrist on Thursday
 Last night however I got to Berlin... and I love it still. Within an half an hour of getting to the hostel I was walking around Berlin with a guy from Moscow and our cameras and just exploring until about 2a.m.

Will post some Insect ship designs this evening after I get back from the Alte National Gallerie and Legoland.

Should be a thing in the UK

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