Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Last week, then TRAINS!

One week and I'll be in Paris on the way to Berlin which seems strange looking back on the six months. Meanwhile I have 4 days left at work and think I can just about get some stuff I'm proud of finished off by Friday. Yesterday saw 3 screenshots finished to the point that all the important elements are there and its now just minor adjustments to make. These important elements are pretty much the same as in painting or photography. However when taking screenshots similarly to photography its a lot easier to have control over the environment. Screenshots take that to the next stage of control allowing me to address these in almost chronological order of importance. I'm going to try and work on some concepts in this similarly chronological, iterative and slightly more rigid way and see where it gets me.

- Concept/Idea
- Location
- Tests for Poses/Gameplay Elements
- Composition/Framing (Camera angle/horizon line, etc)
- Lighting
- Details

As I'm pretty much just getting comfortable with this stuff now I want to try to write up a simple tutorial/explanation of some elements of composition/lighting/presentation both to try and explain these things to people who are learning but also to try and improve my writing and have some more interesting things to say and ways to say it. This blog needs more art, art theory and interesting stuff...

Early stages of a drawing for Futur-ish City in a Cliff

I've been getting back into architecture and use of space recently simply because I got trapped in Grand Designs for a while; need new episodes to watch! This lead to looking at minimalism and tiny housing. Tiny housing looks at designing spaces that allow a person to live in a space far smaller than expected. This is proving both great research for Futur-ish City in a Cliff and great mental stimulation. Planning out my own space and the way I would solve the problems that people come up against.

Before taking on a living space, however, I'm going to be addressing my designs for Minx; my high end, flat-pack, Mini-ITX PC case. It's basically a scaled down house!

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