Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bye Bye Kasper

I left Kasper, my laptop, in Leicester and my desktop is at my cousin's house in Leicester so when I got on the plane back to France from Halloween and the British Library/Gamecity event weekend I was alone with a sketchbook and How to Draw by Scott Robertson. While we are told that there are no required texts on the course I would say that this should be one, this should be a book that everyone either gets given when they start or has to buy and for £20 thats seriously not bad.

The idea behind this was to get back to improving my drawing. I came onto the course with the idea that I would improve my fundamentals and have found that although I have improved I didn't engage with the 2D side of the course as much as I wanted to in the first 2 years. This is a way to kick start my learning and engagement again. I've mainly been combining this work with concepting for an FMP idea so most of my drawings following how to draw will be in an upcoming FMP Idea Development post. I have also been thumbnailing like hell because its the start of the idea and still very much exploring.

Other News I have only got 10 days left at Ubisoft, not sure how to feel. Starting to get into the screenshots and as the DLC is pretty much frozen now they are immensely less aggrivating to take, far fewer bugs and far less post work. I finished a second round of intentions/concepts last week and have started work on the finals for the next batch, its going pretty well. Will have more to say on this topic come the 25th November.

The reviews on ACU are really mixed, I'm interested to see what will be said about ACU: Dead Kings.

On a final note I recently rediscovered Daniel Dociu's Guild Wars 2 concepts

And discovered Oscar Cafaro

One Day

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