Sunday, 10 August 2014

Trees... argh!

So been working on some trees this weekend. The start always seems okay, making the trunk, branches and baking high poly leaves and twigs, but once I have all the pieces together dressing the tree always ends up really tough. I'm not sure how I'm going to continue but this is where my first tree for the project has got to so far, I am very unhappy with it at the moment and will be working on it more whether that is now or later I'm not sure, I'll definitely ask for pointers at work.

Final Texture variants

Render in max

The major problem at the moment in my mind is the lack of denseness and the incorrect silhouette, unfortunately its already at 3k tris so I'm going to be probably looking at a 5k tree if I continue as I am at the moment. This, plus the vertex painted wind effects I was playing about with on Friday really didn't look that great and so at the moment this is not vertex painted... I want it to be moving. Please note that the three trees are just the same tree copied and this will not be how it is in the future, I will also be making some foliage for the middle section just under the start of the branches which will improve the silhouette a lot.

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