Sunday, 17 August 2014

24GB of RAM just isn't enough...

This week was an interesting one I was expecting a brief early Monday morning for some screenshots for Assassin's Creed Unity (hereafter ACU) but it sounded like it was delayed for a while so surprisingly I ended up doing some personal work, experimenting with some techniques for concepting and some ideas I had for creating a wind effect in UE4. Later that day I was sent an e-mail regarding some techniques and tools for taking these screenshots and getting the correct level of detail and how to use the tools which are almost camera simulators. This is really cool as I've become increasingly interested in the technical aspects of photography for the past year or so and can try and put the skills I've developed with my DSLR and youtube videos to creating some cool screenshots... Unfortunately for me there are some pretty amazing people who have made some marketing screenshots for ACU:

Stunning as you can see, I'm taking this as somewhat of a challenge to try and match this quality. The rest of the week was spent experimenting and exploring Anvil (the engine). You can see Ubisoft Montreal's look into Anvil for the public below. 

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