Sunday, 24 August 2014

Compositional breakdowns

I thought I'd share some of the stuff I did last week, unfortunately its only going to be rough compositional notes rather than any images ;) you're going to have to wait for the pretty stuff. One thing I have learnt being here is that you need to use marketing assets to show the game as a finished product that you just have to wait for. In fact the marketing has to be really carefully co-ordinated with the game development so that you can show off some of the most impressive and stunning areas as if they are finished. The areas I've been working on have been far from finished and will likely change a lot before release but I've been working with the creative director and level artists to make sure the areas are up to scratch to the brand's name.

I've really had to improve my compositional techniques and there's been a lot of learning and critical thinking while finding the rough compositions to show to the creative director, Florent Sacre, who has given me some really helpful paintovers to improve the compositions. I've done some rough notes on some of the released ACU screenshots and I've done some notations of the compositions I've used.

Released screenshot annotated.
Released screenshot annotated.

The entire composition relied on something being in the red circle... there was nothing
Zooming in doesn't change a bad comp ;)
Here you can see the focal areas all sit on or support the strong Sinister diagonal including the perspective.
Here the focal points were all on the same line and that line was also the horizon... fool I am.
After Florent looked at it he told me to push the foreground character up. This broke that line on the horizon and creating a strong and well enforced Baroque diagonal.
This hasn't been used yet but I feel like it has potential to be a strong composition, we shall see.
Last week and I'm expecting this week I was fixated by checking Ipox Studio's Canon of Design and this really great pinterest board for ideas of compositional techniques and methods. I'll leave you with some amazing analysis of Blade Runner stills.

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