Saturday, 5 July 2014

Updating Meshes and Alt-Tabbing

One of the main areas that was bugging me about our group project is that there was some designer (bsp) left in the level and so I "Hi-Rezed" the designer from a random floor texture and like 24 tris to this :) its not perfect and could be worked into a lot but this is it as it is.

This is the start to an environment which is going to have a nice small playable area but a lot of vista stuff. I should learn a lot from this the first thing I learnt is how to set up UE4 so that I can alt-tab (between UE4 and the painting) between the start position of the level and Turner's "Caligula's Palace and Bridge". This was really helpful as I can line things up and work on the terrain to try and get it right so that I can create this environment to test the idea of going inside a painting. I think I'm going to need to paint a skybox because the procedural skybox in UE4 is difficult to manipulate quite as much as I need to.

Next thing to work out is fog... Fog is going to be important...

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