Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Start of the Podiums...

I decided to work on some smaller projects as Lunchcrunches, basically an hour or two a day on a small environment, I decided to do three podiums of environments. The idea behind the podiums is that the podiums will reflect the environment with the material or state. I don't know how many I will do, after the first one I think I'm going crack on with the Turner environment again.

 The first is a Greek ruins podium, with a damaged wooden podium, below is the current state of it.

Problems at the moment:
- Scale isn't quite right, looks confusing
- Smoothing issues with vegetation.
- Podium needs more loops to better create circular silhouette.
- Textures on the podium and sand are a bit blurry and low quality.
- Fix floor stone mask.

To Do:
- Fix smoothing on foliage
- More loops for podium
- Break up sand texture with small patches of vegetation
- Small foliage and remove cow parsley
- Grunge up pillars more

To Try:
- Try name carvings into pillars
- Try tiling textures for wood and sand
- Wind bending vegetation

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