Thursday, 31 July 2014

Month Two Down... Ahhh D: its only a month till september

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So the realisation that September is only a month away has been quite bizarre to say the least. Manic-ly planning, asset listing and concepting the Turner environment!

I feel like I have done a lot more in the past month than the month before, this is probably due to having acclimatised somewhat to the heat and life here which is really cool. I've been given some responsibility at Ubisoft and my mentality seems to have got me in the usual mess of having loads of different things to do. I hope I'm on top of them all though so mess is probably just how its feeling in the brain area.

Achievment: Work on every project in the building = 3/4... wait no 3/5 last week that other team moved in and took our desks, Merde!

This may sound weird but as I am a marketing art intern it's fitting that I wouldn't necessarily have just one project to work on. At the start this really got to me as I wanted to be working with a team and be given work to do and everything be clean and nice and get to know the team really well and... This didn't happen, instead I am pretty much working as kind of a consultant within the building, one team will come and ask for something another will ask for something else. So things are somewhat tricky to keep track of and feel quite bitty as some of the things asked of me are very simple and quick but easily forgotten. However I am growing to really like this independence within the studio, working on 3 projects is pretty cool and the art is incredibly different between all 3 so I'm experiencing a lot of different things. The other thing is that my lack of confidence, because of my appalling French and lowly position, is somewhat improving. My French on the other hand is being dragged along behind me getting its footing every now and then.

I thought when I started that my skills weren't really going to be nurtured or improved a great deal from doing the internship but this meant that I was very psyched to make sure they were and perhaps that helped push me to talk to more people and find more things to do for different people. For example on Tuesday I finished unwrapping a high poly mesh which was interesting, I had to unwrap it to a pre made texture sheet. Having never unwrapped something more than around 10,000 tris it was interesting and definately taught me some cool things about unwrapping, the fact that it only took around an afternoon was quite cool as well. Afterwards I let the person who gave me the task know that anymore things like this would be cool and he gave me one of those "Hmmm okay I might have some stuff for you to do" looks as he left.

Something that I can not forget is that there was a concept artist working on the project next to me (before I was moved) and he has said that he'd be able to spare sometime to work with me a bit. Last week he talked to me for an hour or so and really helped me out. After talking with him I started doing some character concepts for the project in my free time and have now got to near the end of the 3rd concept, noticed an improvement in my ability and understanding which is cool. I'm just going to have to continue the improvements and do some of my own characters so that I can show this improvement to the teachers. Unfortunately I can't talk about the project and I doubt that showing the concepts to anyone will be allowed for quite a while.

That's enough of that! Here's my Lunch Crunching from the past few weeks, really not very happy with it but it was good practice and definitely good practice in UE4 PBR. This is without global illumination turned on and with out baked lighting so the shadows are far too dark, something that I will be looking into for the Turner project that is now in asset list/planning phase.

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