Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So World War Z. The book came and it went without me caring, I'd always assumed it was the typical zombie stuff. Why our culture is so obsessed with zombies? Most of the time a good zombie film is a mediocre story with way too much time, money and hype thrown at it that it becomes, either, yet another disappointment, or a standard simple entertaining film which is neither a waste of time nor worthwhile.

Hollywood films in general seem to have some fixation with having at least one character who doesn't quite get it, who acts like a total idiot or simply can't control themselves. This may lead to some arguments or "character development" which is considered to be good entertainment but mostly its just irritation. World War Z was incredibly refreshing in the fact that there are very few points of idiocy, there are moments of beautiful common sense, great understanding of the situation and capable characters.

The resourcefulness of the main character is another refreshing point, he often uses common sense to protect himself and those around him. His wife and the women he runs into are portrayed very well and in a very positive, capable way. I don't want to put any plot spoilers out there but the way the zombie-disease spreads is really well thought through with a basis in fact and with an understanding of nature. The story line shows this same understanding throughout the film which makes the film a better portrayal of human nature than most films. granted there is the cliche happy ending of a family being reunited but it is done in a believable and sensible way, I walked out incredibly satisfied. Time and money well spent, go and see it if you can.

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