Sunday, 28 July 2013

To do...

So with that batch of props textured up and everything I need to think about starting the walls and bar, the big things the things that will be noticed a lot :/

In the mean time I've been looking back at the props and I'm not really sure how happy I am with them, I went into this to learn stuff. I would say I've got a lot more comfortable with Zbrush because of this project so far but haven't really learnt anything. Hand painting the textures looked nice for the barrel but I'm not particularly keen on the overall aesthetic of what I've produced so far and I'm not sure how it'll look for the rest of the pub. This led me to looking at Dishonored, I started playing it around March time and kept getting distracted with various other things and have recently started playing it again. The textures in Dishonored are stunning, not because they're so life-like but because they just work so well.

They are quite obviously fairly low resolution but it still looks really good and all fits in together, the style is really honed in and complete; this is something which I'm a bit worried about for this project. However it is my first attempt at painted textures and my first environment which wasn't mish-mashed together but I'm still being fairly uncertain about how to proceed... I may just be having an uncertain couple of days.

Have some lists they tend to help with working out what to do next...
Things I can start work on now:
Brick texture
Fire place
Wall candle holder

These are the main things I want to at least try during the project:
Poly painting
Particle effects
Fire/Smoke in UDK
Lighting in UDK

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