Wednesday, 24 July 2013

2 Weeks have past...

So I've missed 2 Sunday's worth of posts many apologies but I'm pretty sure this practice is for me more than anyone else... anyway!

In the past 2 weeks I've actually managed to get some stuff done which is always good. I finally managed to start the bar concept for the old pub project (which you can see below). This was my first real attempt at white boxing and environment concepting I found it pretty difficult but I'm almost happy with the end result. White boxing is something that I think I need to really try some more as its meant to give you the perspective and the perspective is slightly off in this painting, also I've been told that a wider angle of view is often used to show off more of the environment when concepting so that's something I'm really going to bare in mind next time I go to paint.

 Fortunately I've also made a start with some of the props for the pub and I hope to start making the walls and fireplace in the next week or so. at the moment I'm almost entirely hand painting the textures which I'm worried about when it comes to the glass bottles... that is going to be a pain and a massive learning curve! So far I've finished off the barrel, kettle and ceramic bottles. I have a feeling that I may need to increase the tricount on the ceramic bottles sometime soon as they really look horrible at the moment. So here are all the props so far:


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