Monday, 27 May 2013

Game Art Year 1

From the outset this course really felt like the right course for me. From the first week Visual Design has definitely been the module that I have struggled with the most, being continually challenged, whether that being skill or simply motivation. However whilst putting the compilation of work together to hand in to Chris I finally started to see that I have improved and that I have progressed in the year. Also I saw quite how much I've produced this year although I'm not particularly keen on much of the work I have produced, simply because I feel I could do better if I'd have had the time or if I'd worked harder.

First Week of Visual Design

Second to Last week of Visual Design

One thing that really stood out to me was the 3D elements of Visual Design, I often enjoyed these projects and found them helpful in realising how to work things out and create things in 3Ds Max. The physical side of the weapon project, although an improvised brief, was really enjoyable and helpful and fitted into the Game Production module very well. The cross over between both sides of the course was really nice and was really satisfying to have concepted, made and modeled something.

Game Production on the on the other hand is where I have been comfortable all year, I have enjoyed every project and I feel I've come a long way from the first week. Working in UDK this year really changed things for me, I felt at one point that each project showed us one tiny thing and just let us practice what we already knew but using engine really meant that we had to learn something new and allowed us to play around with various tools that we weren't told about but simply had to find out about and experiment with. So far it was my favourite project, I wish I could have done more to my scene and so it may end up as one of the things I look at setting myself as a project over the summer. I'm really, really excited to work on some projects over the summer months. I would say near the end the limitations started to become increasingly restricting on our learning if anything, I'm well aware that there are such limitations in industry but I feel it would be incredibly helpful to have say budgets for emissive textures or colour speculars or just simply more interesting things nearing the end of the year. The weapon was a fun project but I was really excited to use loads of things I had learnt and ended up being fairly limited as to what I could practice and what different things I could learn for the project.

Wheelie Bin Term 1
UDK Level Term 2

All in all the place I feel most annoyed at myself and feel I have performed the worst has been right here. The blogs, having stupidly said that time management is one of the things that I haven't had much of an issue with in the past, suddenly I'm confronted with an area that I'm having an issue with time management. I have found it difficult to keep up with blogs and not leave them to the last minute and I'm incredibly aware of this and it really annoys me. I'm going to try and challenge myself over the summer to write a blog once a week on a Sunday evening between 5-7pm I will right a blog about the work I have produced that week or about any interesting developments, this is a practice I hope will help me to keep up with the blogs during second year. Obviously spending more time where there are specific blog entries with required research to write.

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