Monday, 6 May 2013

UDK Intro: The Dell, Final Renders

With the assets produced so far this year there was a certain scene which came naturally; a small rural dell, or wooded valley.

I spent the first section of the project going through the old assets adjusting them and modifying them to use for the new scene, for example changing the gladiator mesh into a statue. After creating the collisions for all the assets I'd use I started to white box and come up with possibilities after finally coming up with a simple plan which I thought could show off my work for the year but also allow me to experiment with different elements of UDK. I then started to create the extra meshes that I'd use. Below are a selection of a couple of the extra assets I made for the level.

Here are the final renders of the level.

I'm actually really happy with the amount that I've learnt during this project and I feel confident that I can continue to improve upon this. I'm well aware of places that I need to improve and I'm excited about that. I'm really excited to start a self motivated project over the summer based around concepting and creating a map, whether that be based on a real place or not.

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