Thursday, 24 October 2013

Trash... and Building

With the trash project finished and handed in I've started to think about the building project and simply for myself and to get into good habits I'm going to setup a thread on polycount where I will post the process. When I have it set up I will post a link to it on here, in the mean time here is some trash!

The rendering was incredibly tough and I found it very difficult to show the asset off. However using Marmoset I managed to get some renders that I'm pretty happy with. The main thing that I would have done differently had I done the project again would be looking more at the silhouettes of the bin bags as at the moment they're a bit too sharp for my liking. I would also try and create more objects to put into the scene as at the moment I feel I used a great deal of texture space and great deal of the tri limit on a few assets.

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