Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cube and Cube 2: Saubraten

A game I had forgotten about until today which I played far too much was “Cube” and “Cube 2: Saubraten”. I rarely get on with Indie games but these two games were amazing for content, ethic and impletmentation. The games were incredible they contained almost everything I wanted from a game. Singleplayer (granted a very primitive “DOOM”-like and over 10 year-old style of single player), multiplayer similar to “Quake” or “Serious Sam”, and a very in depth in-game map editor. In my opinion the game is simply “Minecraft” but good and “Cube” was initially released in 2002 7 years before “Minecraft”.

The main feature I played with was the built-in map editor which was incredibly detailed and allowed you to infinitely play with the engine. A pretty quick but cool example of using the “Cube 2: Saubrauten” map editor can be seen in this video. Unfortunately the sped up nature of the video makes it a bit tricky to watch.

Adding more awesomeness to the game its available for PC, Linux and Mac... open source freeware ends in awesome things...

Update: It just got better... HTML 5 Browser based version being worked on... try the demo here, press "e" to enter map editor. Works pretty well in Chrome but sound is being fixed, doesn't work in IE.

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