Tuesday, 3 March 2015

ISS - Birthday Crit

Rich got me some birthday feedback from some of the people at Creative Assembly...

Problem Areas:
- Composition! Rework it.
- Laptop... its the focal point and its not working as well as everything else...
                     - More interesting shapes, less macbook more old school laptop
- Velcro (white blobs on the box at the top) would be better as story elements, stickers, notes, maybe a small prop
- Anodized blue boxes aren't high enough detail for the amount of attention they draw
- Re-work grunge on window
- Planet in the background
- Colour palette needs to be balanced a bit
- Add the blue fabric bag in the top right of the image that's in the reference image
- General grunge

I baked myself a cake as a break from FMP and ISS... hehe

100th blog post!

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