Saturday, 31 January 2015

Behind the Door: Part 4

So this isn't finished as such but its to a point that I'm happy to leave it for a bit and focus on FMP. Some of the main crit that I have got is lighting and material definition so I think areas such as the flat struts of the triangle sections and the flat panels need to be improved upon. I also want to make some more geometry for it maybe some cuboards or a switch board or something science-y. I also want to end up making the arms for the end of the corridor still.

Polycount Thread

I was really happy, it runs really smoothly in the Rift even though most of the textures are still quite high resolution. Ben Keeling came to Uni yesterday to talk to us and give us crit and he has really helped with FMP and with this project.

I'm going to start doing some FMP updates on this blog as well but for the time being go and check out!

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