Sunday, 14 December 2014

Behind the Door: Part 1

Since being back in Leicester I've done a few different things but mainly been working on some fun high poly modelling. We were set a new brief for a couple of weeks before FMP starts and over Christmas holidays, I chose to work on the Behind the Door project set by Ben Keeling. The idea is to improve our ability to work to a pre-existing asset in a similar way that you may be needed to complete an area someone else has started. Paul Pepera's piece is an awesome place to start as the colour scheme and palette has been skilfully chosen and refined and the visual style has been set along with a small amount of context.
I decided on going for something small, repeatable and hopefully refined I want to try and optimise the environment for use with the Oculus Rift DK2 that I have been experimenting with. Unfortunately that is quite difficult to display on a blog but as I go along I will find out how to show that side of things. The idea at the moment, based off a few images on my moodboard is to create a chamber for manipulating a harmful or difficult to isolate substance. I've come up with a simple blockout based off the idea of fusion reactors (where the plasma needs to be suspended in an impressive electromagnetic field) and Neutrino dectors (which look equally as awesome but allow more of a chamber rather than a loop).

Neutrino Detector
Fusion Reactor
Fusion Reactor Explanation

Current blockout
Concepts for the mecanical arms.

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