Monday, 26 May 2014

Montpellier and Day One at Ubisoft

So last Thursday I got on the plane and left my comfort zone behind, I said good bye to it hoping to meet it again sometime soon. Since then I've been living, exploring and taking photos in Montpellier. The south of France is nice but dusty. I flew not having anything more than a week of accommodation, I had a lead for a possible room and I knew that I needed to make a French bank account and get a French sim card but all of this had to be done with poor GCSE standard French and not much money. Below are a selection of photos from my first few days.

I'm happy to say so far things have gone more smoothly than I was expecting, I have accommodation for the first 3 months and maybe more, I have set up a French bank account, I have a French phone number and I have finished my first day as a Ubisoft employee! I saw some cool stuff, no more shall be said of it, but it was cool, however because it was my first day I didn't get much to done or much to do. I have been told that during the first period of my internship I am to show them what I am capable of so that I can assist with the correct area. I don't think I've ever felt so motivated to create awesome things and show what I am able to do. I will say if there's anything I was scared of, it was this. I was hoping to be the bottom of the ladder and being told what to do because well I suppose that's easier, how ever tough the work may be, you know what you're meant to do. However this has been handed to me so I have some ideas of what I can do to show. I just hope they're enough and they are as desired. Its on my back to do stuff! this means I might be quite busy for the next couple of weeks, here is where I got to with the cart project, I have changed a fair amount and I'm nearly done with the crates.

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