Saturday, 15 March 2014


I have always been interested in a fairly large array of subjects and whether or not I was good at them didn't dissuade me from being interested. That being said I don't think I have ever considered myself "academic", I was recently described as "more academic" and this really made me think. I don't think of this as a bad thing but more as unexpected but perhaps quite true. I do however feel that I need to change something about what I am doing to learn more and get more creative, interesting work done; this academic aspect to me has been coming out more than ever recently. I have become transfixed with something and this fixation seems to have made me think more academically in a hope this will allow me to achieve my goals. Lets try and find the interesting Kiwii from time gone by.

I have been going through the motions to create environments and I feel like this is perhaps the wrong way to go about things. My focus has never wavered but I feel that the way that I have been applying that focus recently hasn't been helpful and hasn't been productive or creative. I seem to be creating meshes, unwrapping them, texturing them, placing them in engine, and repeat. I haven't been an artist for the past few weeks I have been a construction line worker, and this has really taken its toll on my imagination and creativity. I am really enjoying the group project and how things are coming together and I'm really excited for what the dockyard could look like but there is something which isn't quite right. Without a really strong direction of what I want the dockyard to look like I feel like I am just creating assets which will go in the environment, which is great practice, but I don't feel that I am learning anything from it other than the continual push/pull of time management. Both projects seem to be really big and the end of them seems distant, but neither is. My goal was to have 3 compositionally solid renders of the dockyard and a short flythrough finished by the time I come back for the Summer Term and that's when the Group Project is being handed in for Uni's deadlines. Here's a quick look at how things are progressing with the dock yard. (The images below the renders are the reference for what I want to eventually achieve - Here's the Pintrest board)

As you can see I haven't managed to do a great deal in the past month. This is something I need to address and I'm going to do everything I can to work this out. I may end up going back to the drawing board and trying to create a concept to unify the ideas in my mind so that I can work out what I need to make. I have created an animation for our group project which I am becoming more proud of, there will hopefully be a video of it by the end of the week on the group project blog over at

To address my creative-block/excess academic-ness I think I am going to try and focus more on smaller more achievable experiments instead of larger testaments of my current abilities.

I'm going on an adventure to recover Kiwii.

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