Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sooo August...

A great deal has happened this month and me being me I've managed to miss 3 weeks worth of blog posts, for two of the Sundays I was on holiday with my family but still...

So being self initiated this summer project has become quite difficult to keep momentum at full pace. Fortunately while I was in the Lake District with my family I had my laptop with me and I got some furniture designed and some meshes made. I haven't scanned in the line drawings yet but here are some screen shots of the furniture:

I've accepted that this project is likely to go on for a while and will no longer be a summer project. I'm hoping that I can make some real progress soon instead of making small fits and starts of progress. The idea is to have some renders to use for my portfolio for possible internships, hopeful I know but without trying you don't succeed. Furthermore everything I've done so far has been my design and my research, the floor plan however was solidified by the initial group.

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