Friday, 15 February 2013

Some Updates

So I'm quite annoyed that I haven't managed to get any blogs done since the review about 3 weeks ago. There is however a distinct reason for this, I have allowed myself to get trapped by other work I thought I'd do an update on what's been happening with that recently.

Firstly “Game Production”, or 3D for most people, has been really good I feel like I’m really getting the understanding of 3Ds and I’m quite proud of what I’ve produced although there were a few hitches and a few areas where I wish to improve. Unwrapping tends to take far too long in my opinion, I find it pretty difficult to do effectively and tend to be unable to remain focused for long. I feel that from now on I will have to force myself to go into the labs to do the unwrapping the rest of the project I can do better in my own environment and I tend to work quicker and better but unwrapping I find no where near as fun or mentally stimulating. Despite this I handed the project in on time and here is the final render sheet, including the archway and wheelie bin from previous projects.

“Visual Design”, or 2D, I have found quite temperamental, in previous years I have done a lot of of life drawing  and I was starting to be quite proud of what I produced during the sessions until the beginning of this term. I’m uncertain of what has changed but I definitely feel that I’m not producing work of the standard in previous sessions, a certain amount of it I could attribute to physical comfort levels but I’m still uncertain. Here's a quick exploration of light and dark we were set for self directed study.

We have also worked on a vehicle design project which we have gone through to make physically, I decided to make mine out of clay which I thought would work best but turned out to take a great deal of time, so much so that I haven’t finished painting it yet. I was quite pleased with my visualisation of my vehicle and the redesign from a flying vehicle to A.R.V. I feel that talking to Chris about the design yielded some useful reminders which I seemed to have forgotten. Simplicity is always the best place to start, as with the way I draw and we have been taught to draw working from simple aspects to the more complex elements. This is what I did with my vehicle project creating many silhouettes and working up an idea through this way but I became transfixed with an element that wasn’t really working (the ribbon-like trailing bits on the in situ image) having another set of eye to make me realise this really helped to develop the project more fully.

Below is my unfinished clay model of A.R.V. hopefully I will finish painting soon.

Also alongside this work I have been making money from my hobby (Magic: The Gathering) the art of which is a key and much loved aspect. I adore the art of the game, anatomically correct people painted in a traditional style by proper illustrators. It is this art that I have been extending and just simply paying tribute to by extending the artwork around the cards initially doing this for friends last summer and slowly doing more and more until now where I have commissions coming in every now and then, because of the increased interest I have created a facebook page where I post the card alters up and also started posting uni work and my general art. Fortunately this hasn’t impacted my uni work merely my free time.

This is a card that I painted to be full art from this initial card using the original illustration as reference.


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